Mary Poppins Returns Official Trailer #1


Emily Blunt is Mary Poppins in the first official trailer for Mary Poppins Returns. I don’t recall having a movie trailer get me as choked up as this one. I was fighting back tears of childhood nostalgia.  I will do a breakdown of this trailer later but I feel you should just go watch it for yourself right now. I really don’t want to ruin any of the magic for you. Check it out here: Mary Poppins Returns Trailer #1


Joaquin Phoenix “Joker” set photos breakdown

The internet has been a buzz about the leaked “Joker” set photos along with the picture Todd Phillips, director of the upcoming Joker standalone movie, posted of Joaquin Phoenix as “Arthur” yesterday. Some fanboys (and girls) were happy to see anything from the film while others were less than pleased. This may have added fuel to the fire because even before the set photos were released a lot of people had mixed feelings about the flick due to the choice for writer/director that is Todd Phillips. I too, had mixed feelings about the whole thing until I took a closer look at the whole thing. So lets break it down together.

First off lets talk about this Todd Phillips thing. Yes, he is the writer/director for the “Joker” movie. Yes, he is also the guy who wrote 2004’s “Starsky & Hutch”. He is also the person who wrote and directed “War Dogs”, “Old School” and the “Hangover” movies (wrote 2 and 3, directed all of them). Point being the man is the king of dark humor and that is exactly what we need for a great movie about the Joker. Enough with that and on to the set photos.

In the first photo we can see Joaquin Phoenix as “Arthur” AKA the Joker walking out of what looks to be a talent recruiting agency. The sign on the door says, “HA-HA’s Talent Booking” so this is a pretty safe to assume. I’m guessing this isn’t the most stand up company because it look like they are located in a run down part of the city with trash all over and graphite all over the walls.


In this next picture we can see more of the trash piled up along the building as “Arthur” is walking and looking back at something. Yeah, not the best part of town.


Things get interesting in the next two images.  A clown is having what seems to be a not so friendly conversation with our friend “Arthur”. He is grabbing him by the coat and he doesn’t seem to be very happy. Could this be HA-HA? I wonder what “Arthur” said to him to get him so upset. Or did “Arthur” just take a job from another clown? Whatever is going on here they are certainly not friends.


Things go from hostile to awkward as we see “Arthur” pull the red nose off the clown. It looks like he is saying something to him almost in a mocking fashion by the way his mouth is.


“Arthur” continues to, what looks like, throw the nose down the road away from the clown.


The next picture show “Arthur” standing there in a goofy stance laughing his ass off. What I’m not sure about is if this was before or after he had the confrontation with the clown. This picture Right here is the one that give me high hopes for the film. Joaquin Phoenix nails the look with that creepy look in his face as he is laughing. Just imagine him with the classic Joker makeup on.


Well, whatever is going on Joaquin Phoenix looks like he is really giving himself over to the role. I didn’t expect any less from this actor as he is one of the best. I hope this scene makes it into the film because I want to know what this whole interaction was all about. As more things come out about the stand alone Joker movie I will be breaking them down here on Geeky Eats.

All the photos used are from Just Jared at


So The Journey Begins

What’s up my fellow nerds, geeks and foodies! Welcome to the home of Geeky Eats. This is where I, Chef Nathan, will be sharing my two passions with you. If you don’t already know what my passions are well you are in for a sweet treat today. This will be journey about everything pop-culture and food! Yes, my 2 passions in life are all things nerd and that delicious stuff we cook up and put into our bellies. I’m going to be sharing my opinions on the latest food trends to the newest comic book that I’m reading and we will even talk about different conventions I am hitting up. So, come join me, shall you?

As someone wise once said, “Why so serious?”.geeky eats